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With an estimated 8.7 million species living on this planet, it’s a wonder we’re not constantly doing backflips over how awesome life is. What’s even more awesome is that there are billions upon billions of species variations thanks to DNA mutations.

Here are some of the most bizarre — and totally awesome — mutations in the animal kingdom.

1. This funnel-web spider has a single red fang.


2. This dolphin’s strange leg is a throwback to when sea-dwelling creatures started to make their way to land.


3. This caramel-brown panda bear is deliciously adorable.


4. This octopus with only six tentacles is technically a “hexapus.”

Labros Hydras his daughter Areti, ten, and son Arion, six admire the six legged octopus or hexapus which they found while on holiday in Greece. Sadly for the rare specimen the holiday makers killed it and ate it. See SWNS story SWOCTO: A six-legged octopus has been found for only the second time in history - and EATEN by the holidaymaker who caught it. The freak specimen was pulled from the sea by mechanical engineer and US citizen Labros Hydras as he went snorkelling in Greece. He followed local tradition by smashing it against a rock to kill it then took it to a local taverna to eat. The chef refused to cook it for him because it was so rare and told Labros he should have let the octopus live because it was so rare. But the hungry dad-of-two went and fried it for his supper anyway and served it up with a slice of tomato, lemon and a solitary salad leaf.

5. Here we have a horse with toes. Good luck making shoes for that one.


6. This baby goat has eight legs.


7. Even though this dog was born without functioning front legs, she walks comfortably on two.


8. Here’s a frog with three heads.


9. This totally black penguin probably loves Johnny Cash.


10. This “squitten,” which is not actually a cross between a squirrel and a cat, does have rodent-like paws.


11. This is We — the most appropriately named snake of all time.


Basically, these mutated animals are real-life X-Men of the animal kingdom. I’m so jazzed up about the complexities of life on this planet right now that I want to high-five that eight-legged goat on every hoof!


Hardcore internet junkie. Troublemaker. Music buff. Amateur student. Lifelong creator. Twitter advocate.