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As all cat owners know, a life with cats can be a very peculiar one. Like dogs, they’re adorable and can be very lovable — but they also tend to be moody, violent, greedy, temperamental, and an all-around mystery to us lowly human-folk. They just don’t communicate their feelings the same way as dogs, and we’re left to put the pieces together.

The creative comics behind Cat Versus Human have captured the relationship perfectly, accurately showing us the hardship a cat owner faces when dealing with the thought processes of their feline companions. The artist and author is Yasmine Surove — show owns three cats herself, so a lot of her comics are inspired by her real-life experiences. “I’ve had cats most of my life. I love how you have to earn a cat’s affection and trust. They just don’t easily surrender themselves to you. I respect that”, she said in an interview. Her depictions of this delicate relationship are hilarious, and you can see some of them below.

#1. Anyone with a cat and a keyboard knows that they frequently attempt to get their message across.lifebuzz-111da1ae66b1c6b5d11f344aee00081c-limit_2000[1]

#2. Little paws under the bathroom door are basically a requirement of having a cat and bathing.


#3. Cats simply just don’t know how to show you that they care.


#4. You call it trying to focus, they call it a reason to retaliate.lifebuzz-282ace6962d4d87fdc36b597db76bcf8-limit_2000[1]

#5. Let’s face it: No matter how annoying or inconvenient they are, we go out of our way to accommodate them.


#6. Seriously, why are they so committed to wreaking havoc on all of your stuff?lifebuzz-4a39fc8fd4cef1d3ad789cd67ff2774a-limit_2000[1]

#7. Nothing like a bloodied present to start your morning. This is your cat giving you his equivalent of a cup of coffee.


#8. You know when they stare at you and you don’t know what they’re thinking? This is what they’re thinking.


#9. We’ve all heard the phrase “cock-blocking” before. We like to call this “paw-blocking.”


#10. This cat cares not for your objections. Clean this mess up, human.


#11. You remember how you had all that extra money before you got the cat?lifebuzz-d58cdedc48ee4ea6fd87615f285c8ab6-limit_2000[1]

#12. Not even a meow to alert the proper authorities. Thanks a lot, cat.lifebuzz-2378b2393a59e160668ec78195a58b97-limit_2000[1]

#13. They’re so cute, but if you cross them, they will cause you bodily harm.lifebuzz-c865c9b06ca390f33cf2f048d9b16115-limit_2000[1]

#14. They may not be graceful, but they know how to take what they want without apology.lifebuzz-d5db20735cc74951ad5ed7d17ff42cd2-limit_2000[1]

#15. Because even cats know that it’s better to cuddle up with cats than without them.lifebuzz-581a8e9113297967caa859a29d7edf9f-limit_2000[1]


Hardcore internet junkie. Troublemaker. Music buff. Amateur student. Lifelong creator. Twitter advocate.