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1. Prince Harry is on an eventful five-day trip through Nepal.harry1-4933126e840b379f18e069bfa8f160d6[1]

2. He’s there to celebrate the country’s culture and resiliency after earthquakes caused devastation in April and May 2015.harry2-aa78d77be0748898b60bd94a417d4300[1]

3. So far, he’s met a lot of remarkable people, like Kamal Thapa, the country’s deputy prime minister…harry3-0dfe09bfc5101ce8314fea29719226f4[1]

4. …and 86-year-old Pakuli Gurung, whose home was destroyed in the earthquakes.harry4-4fb4ad56a62823c815e44fe08d9c6df4[1]

Thankfully, a new one is being built for her and her family.

5. These children from the village of Bhir Kuna looked pretty excited to tell the prince, “namaste,” as well.harry5-2b89a9f2501c0393ad3ed83f68bba417[1]

The phrase is a respectful greeting in Hindu culture in Nepal and India.

6. In the village of Okhari, Harry took part in Holi, a Hindu celebration of the full moon that comes every spring.Harry7-58ca3846e423b8fd4b80147692ab1328[1]

7. If you couldn’t tell, Holi is all about the bright colors…harry8-2a4ffcec15cf97d11ae27fcb57192e9c[1]

The prince learned that the fun way.

8. …and not being afraid to get a little messy, too.harry6-0f7768bbda25da9cbe9866e7094b1d51[1]

9. He also played a friendly game of volleyball with local kids whose school was damaged by an earthquake.harry9-b07e4ab2d06a3fa11f9953b6c5b44694[1]

10. When Harry wasn’t visiting ancient sites like Hiranya Varna Mahavihar (aka the Golden Temple)…harry10-5becd4c09b67fba6e010cbae3fc69b48[1]

11. …he was proclaimed “village head man” by locals in Leorani, who welcomed the prince with a special title and a pheta turban.harry11-19e5a1584420e18d5635513ba55836ec[1]

12. Harry also dined on Nepali cuisine with the locals.harry14-05c7ae7ed60907d9e4c6c18840aa6d98[1]

13. He roamed the countryside to take in the majestic views.harry15-897efadc0c6ba7ecf4626d1328ab16ea[1]

14. And found an absolutely perfect spot to take a breather.harry16-11fa402001278687c951b44f15106cdf[1]

Because even a prince needs a moment to let it all sink in.

15. But beyond the fun, games, and beautiful views, Harry paid special attention to those most affected by tragedy.harry17-2b859d9662c4e0dc6818a33016a8c861[1]

16. He met with displaced families whose whole lives have been uprooted by the earthquakes.harry18-f7198d67a1b05d94a108467a8f76456f[1]

17. In case you need reminding, the disasters wreaked havoc last spring.harry19-f639642712249c67f4c1d2321ce6fc29[1]

On April 25, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked the mountainous country, killing more than 8,000 people. A couple of weeks later, a 7.3 quake took even more lives.

18. And although the country is on the path to recovery, a lot of people are still in need of help.


19. Harry was inspired by the Nepali people’s bravery after tragedy struck, which is why he decided to visit in the first place.harry21-0c8b010f8cc5be8885c3c6644c4438b4[1]

20. His parents had visited the South Asian nation, and he says it will always have a special place in his heart.harry22-5f1e3d351b8e52eb9cfd62bf7ded1067[1]

“I am honored and excited to be here,” the prince said during his visit, as The Telegraph reported. “Many members of my family have visited Nepal, including my father and my mother, who were both warmly welcomed.”

“For me, this trip is also personal. I am so grateful that I will have the opportunity to pay tribute to some of Nepal’s most famous ambassadors, the Gurkhas, admired the world over for their fearsome bravery and courage, but also for their humility and kindness.”

21. Harry’s journey abroad is a reminder that just because most of the news crews have packed up and left, Nepal should not be forgotten.



Avid pop culture fanatic. Amateur food trailblazer. Infuriatingly humble travel junkie. Hipster-friendly alcohol geek.